The Art of the Examination

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Examination Is Key to Success in Dentistry

The Art of the Examination
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Most occupations suffer from the conflict between professionalism and commercialism — and dentistry is no exception.

How can today’s practitioners satisfy their conscience while earning enough money to prosper?

Dr. Barry Polansky’s enlightening book The Art of the Examination: Why Patient Care Goes Beyond Clinical Correctness shows you how proficiency in performing comprehensive examination enables you to provide patients with the best possible dentistry. Your examination will set the tone for your entire practice and send a positive message to your patients. Not only does this book teach dentist how to perform the “soft skills” necessary to complete an exam, but it also shows you how to build trusting relationships with patients.

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn:

  • The importance of initial patient contact and the preclinical interview
  • Why emotional intelligence equates with leadership in the industry
  • How to discuss review of findings and explain treatment options more clearly with patients
  • The role the examination plays in the reputation of dentistry as a whole.

If there is one process in your practice that will set the tone for your office culture, it’s the patient examination. It is an art! Like the central nervous system, it ties all other systems together. An excellent examination system sends a message to the patient that the office is serious about dentistry. Patients become assured your office knows what they are doing. Together with dependability and responsiveness, assuredness completes the holy trinity of patient service.

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“So well written, it is hard to put down. Barry has a wonderful way of explaining things, and in such an easy-to-read manner…Keep up your campaign for better dentistry.” – Dr. Peter Dawson, St. Petersburg, FL

“The Art of the Examination is a book that every dentist should read… It will reveal the secrets to a truly great examination, the kind that changes the way your patients feel about dentistry and increases production. Dr. Polansky’s philosophy of the profession is one that will not only increase your enjoyment of dentistry but will truly enhance and enrich your life.” – Dr. Richard H. Madow,

“Dr. Barry Polansky is a clear thinker who beautifully organizes his thoughts and tells stories to help others understand complex issues.” – Dr. Irwin M. Becker

“Dr. Barry Polansky is one of the best thinkers in dentistry today.” – Dr. James M. Harris, President, Iowa Dental Association

“Barry’s insight, sensitivity, and imagination make him one of the best writers in dentistry.” – Dr. James F. Jacobs, New York, NY

“Barry Polansky provides a unique perspective on practice management and marketing…” – Dr. Bruce W. Small, Lawrenceville, NJ

From The Art of the Examination by Barry Polansky D.M.D.

Forward by Dr. Paddi Lund

This book purports to be about the dental examination but perhaps Barry is being a little devious in his choice of title.

Certainly the pursuit of the Ideal Examination is a very worthy goal. However, I believe that Barry may be concealing the real depth of the scholarship he has brought to this publication. Perhaps he wants to seduce you into a far deeper and more meaningful discourse than you
expected – by pretending his work is something less ambitious than it really is.

We hands-on professional people are taught to be proud of our mechanistic skills and it is easier for us to think about doing stuff than about morals, ethics, and meanings.

So examinations, which of necessity require more people skills and soul-searching than other parts of dentistry, are not much fun and are often rushed. We don’t feel so comfortable communicating with people as we do performing the wet-finger areas of our work, and the less time this discomfort lasts the easier it is to bear.

So a rapid, cursory Check-up is often the norm when a leisurely, detailed Complete Examination is really called for. By not spending the time and effort in this vital area you will miss out on so much for yourselves and for your patients.

It is Barry’s aim to change this.

But for Barry to reach this goal it requires that you indulge in far more conceptual wresting and deep thinking than a mere technical manual.

You can only perform the perfect examination when: your life is in balance, you understand people, and you know how to communicate impeccably with them. The skills you need for examination are all pervasive. They will change your view of life and profession, and of necessity involve Barry in a lot of deep writing.

Consequently, to my mind, Barry’s chosen title, The Art of the Examination, could more honestly have been The Meaning of Life: How to Live Life Happily and Fruitfully and subtitled How to Perform a Great Dental Examination.

Yes, I think Barry has been a bit tricky. He definitely has another agenda – not just to make all us dentists better examiners – but also happier, more fulfilled, and more successful in our chosen profession. (But don’t let him know I told you his secret.)

-Dr. Paddi Lund
Queensland, Australia